Molalla High School, The City Of Molalla and the Buckeroo have partnered to create a dynamic fundraising opportunities for students and youth clubs! We want all students to be able to participate in enriching activities outside of school. But these programs typically are not free and typically are not well funded to buy needed supplies. So we came up with a plan to help!

Students, coaches and club leaders will be working as parking attendants and traffic directors at the Buckaroo Rodeo. Students can work to raise funds to directly offset sports and activity costs by volunteering hours, signing a time card and the money they earn will be deposited to directly offset their student fees.
Teaching the value of hard work and allowing kids to participate in programs they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Coaches and Club leaders can also volunteer time and would be able to do the same by volunteering hours in exchange for funds to be deposited to their club account to buy needed supplies!
Look for the pink safety vests and students this year, your $5 parking fee will being going to directly support these kids! We of course take extra donations as well.
Thank you to the Molalla and Rodeo Community!